​how we help

​you at home...

saving you money against bottled water prices

unlimited supply of crystal clear, pure and delicious chilled, still and sparkling water

no loading and unloading heavy bottles of water from your car

elegant designer re-usable glass bottles for your dining table

"if you buy bottled water for your home, we can provide a money saving, great tasting alternative for you"

Here are our recommendations for home. We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and guide you to the most appropriate and cost effective solution for you. Simply email, phone or message us below and we'll do everything we can to help.

our most popular solutions for at home...

eceau soda

chilled still and sparkling and ambient water

ideal for homes, small meeting rooms and tea points

fill bottles or glasses

re-usable designer glass bottles for dining table

soda dimensions

​w 260mm | d 488mm | h 418mm

dispensing height: 281mm

watts: 310W - 2.7A

eceau genius touch

chilled still and sparkling water

"one touch" portion control

stylish and space saving tap

fills bottles and glasses

genius touch dimensions

​w mm | d mm | h mm

dispensing height:

eceau genius

chilled still and sparkling water

compact, easy to clean, counter top unit

invisible faucet space saving design fills bottles and glasses

re-usable designer glass bottles

genius dimensions

w 390mm |d 390mm | h 245mm

eceau plus points...

supports the use of natural refrigerant gases