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hotels & restaurants...

saving you time and money at the touch of a button

unlimited supply of crystal clear, pure and delicious chilled, still and sparkling water

elegant re-usable glass bottles - no more deliveries or re-cycling charges

supports your sustainability drive without comprise on taste or quality

"it's shocking to know that 600,000 tonnes of glass bottles are thrown away every year ― just from the hospitality sector"

Here are our recommendations for cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants. We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and guide you to the most appropriate and cost effective solution for you. Simply email, phone or message us below and we'll do everything we can to help.

our most popular solutions for hotels & restaurants...

eceau curve

chilled, still and sparkling water

ideal for restaurants, hotels and conference centres, positioned on counter top or back of bar

'One Touch' glass control

varying litres dispensing capacity

compatible with remote chill/carbonator

recommended quantity of designer re-usable glass bottles

curve dimensions

w 350mm |d 290mm | h 605mm

eceau chic

stylish, neat counter top unit that fits perfectly on to a back bar or office kitchen space

medium to large dispensing capacity

chilled, still and sparkling water with ‘One Touch’ portion control

adjustable height drip tray for ease when filing bottles and carafes

chic 80 dimensions

w 345mm |d 592mm | h 555mm

chic 150 dimensions

w 488mm |d 589mm | h 555mm

eceau cube

dependable medium to large capacity unit ideal for restaurants, hotels/conference centres

medium to large dispensing capacity

chilled, still and sparkling water with ‘One Touch’ portion control

easily located on counter top, back bar or back of house

cube dimensions

w 460mm |d 590mm | h 510mm

eceau wave

sleek, compact design which fits neatly on to a counter top or back bar small to medium dispensing capacity

chilled still and sparkling water with ‘One Touch’ portion control

ideal for cafes, offices, small restaurants or homes

stainless steel and aluminium construction - three sizes to suit your requirements

wave 30 dimensions

w 270mm |d 417mm | h 467mm

wave 60 dimensions

w 330mm |d 489mm | h 467mm

wave 80 dimensions

w 330mm |d 599mm | h 467mm

do you have restricted counter space?

eceau plus points...

supports the use of natural refrigerant gases