Energy Saved By Recycling One Drinks Can Would Power A TV For 4 Hours

At Eceau we are excited to be teaming up with  ‘Every Can Counts’ and have joined other companies on our business park to drive this green campaign forward.  The aim is to improve the recycling rate of aluminium cans used at the Greenhills Rural Enterprise Centre and to stop cans from being disposed as general waste.


Aluminium and steel – the materials used to make drinks cans – are infinitely recyclable. 

This means they can be melted down and endlessly reused with absolutely no loss of quality, in what’s known as ‘closed loop’ recycling. We all know that recycling makes sense. It saves energy and natural resources. And by using resources in a more sustainable way, we can help reduce our impact on the world!

We have been issued with posters for our office and a large cardboard recyclable bin for our kitchen break out areas and can’t wait to get started. 

It’s simple to get involved so to find out more about this campaign click this link and join us by making sure that ‘Every Can Counts’.
  • 29/08/2018
  • eceau