"All Eceau products must have properties that differentiate themselves from an environmental aspect. We chose our products not only for performance but for their minimal impact on our environment"

our chilled systems

Our chilled systems feature an energy save mode that saves 70% of power when in sleep mode but keeps the water chilled enough for service at the touch of a button. The refrigerant gas that the systems use is natural which means that when the gas is released into the atmosphere there is no damage to the ozone layer. They are build predominantly from stainless steel and aluminium so at the end of their life Eceau will can take the systems back, strip them down and recycle most parts.

our boiling systems

Most Eceau boiling systems feature day and time programming so that they can be set to come on and go off at whatever the time you chose and whichever days you wish. Meaning that you will not have to wait for the system to heat up and you will not be wasting valuable energy at the times that the systems are not in use.

Our Billi systems feature something called "thermo-dynamic heat exchange", whereby the heat that is generated from cooling assists the boiling to conserve heat and save energy.

Highly insulated polystyrene insulation prevents heat loss from the boiling water tanks.

The heating elements in our boiling systems are coated with a scale resistant material preventing scale build up in the system ensuring that they continuously heat the water at the maximum efficiency.

Layered heating technology means that fresh water is layered into the hot water tanks gently so as not to disrupt the temperature of the boiling water lower in the tank.

the floating garbage patch...

Our planet is struggling to cope with all the impact we have on the environment and the waste we are producing. It is shocking to know that in the Northern Pacific Ocean, slowly moving in a clockwise spiral, there is a floating garbage patch, estimated to be six times the size of England. It consists only of rubbish, millions of tonnes of it, most of it plastic. It's the largest landfill in the world and it will never go away...

We all need to be responsible and live a greener lifestyle regarding bottled water. There is a cheaper alternative and there is is no need to comprise on quality or taste. There is no need to transport bottled water thousands of miles around the's just too crazy.

start your green journey

eceau plus points...

supports the use of natural refrigerant gases