Milk Is Now Cheaper Than Water

I was interested to read various newspaper headlines this week “Milk is now cheaper than water”.

The point being made is that supermarket price wars has reached staples such as milk, a sort of ‘War Cow’


According to The Grocer Magazine, milk is on average 43p per litre while bottled water in multipacks is 44p per litre.

Research by The Grocer shows how, based on price per litre across the big four, fresh own-label milk sold in four-pint bottles has become cheaper than the average price of larger packs and multipacks of bottled water.

The Grocer Magazine 
9th Jan 2015

But it did get me thinking, and after a good google, I jumped right back on my soap box moaning about the ridiculous price we pay for pre-bottled water. ‘Pre-bottled’ because filling your own ‘re-usable’ from the humble tap whether filtered or not, is of course ok!

So bulk bottled water purchases are more expensive than bulk milk packs. But a lot of bottled water is bought in single bottles while ‘on the go’. These are more likely to be 60p or 70p for half a litre, making them well over a pound per litre. That’s water at two or three times the price of milk!

This does seem absurd, all the work by our farmers that goes into processing milk ending up cheaper than a packaged product that we can get virtually free from the tap. This leads me nicely into another headline from the Telegraph

30pc of Supermarket Bottled Water is From a Tap”

Many so called ‘brands’ of bottled water are simply mains tap water that has been filtered and purified. Aquafina is Pepsico’s leading brand of bottled water and boasts:-

“Originates from public water sources and is then purified through a rigorous, seven-step purification process called HydRO-7.

Nothing wrong with that, the process produces very nice tasting water, but I really don’t think it’s worth more than the good old pint of milk! Now having got that off my chest, how about a nice cup of tea?

Ian Webb, Commercial Director at Eceau. The ulitmate drinking water systems.

  • 05/02/2015
  • eceau