We Are Full of Energy At Eceau And Have A New Provider Too!

Last month we moved to much smarter and larger offices so we can accommodate our new recruits! It feels good to have more space, provide a better working environment and we even have a breakout room!


Always at the forefront of our minds at Eceau, we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our workplace.  We have been looking into our business energy supplier options and found a great solution that provides us with 100% renewable energy.  

Octopus Energy were winners of Uswitch, Supplier of the Year in 2018 and this helped us make the decision to switch our business energy supplier.   They have clear and simple pricing and bills that really make sense.  It’s a win, win for us all.  We were interested to read that Which? reviewed 31 energy suppliers and surveyed almost 9,000 customers on customer service, value for money and accuracy of bills, and could only recommend one supplier: Octopus Energy.  We were sold on the idea.

Switching over to Octopus Energy is so simple, can be done online within a few minutes online so give it a go.  

  • 29/08/2018
  • eceau