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Single Use Plastic Ban

Houses of parliament

UK Government Bans Single Use Plastic

I was pleased to read this article outlining how the UK Parliament are making plans to drastically reduce their consumption of single use plastics by 2019.

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Could This Really Be The Last Straw?

could this really be the last straw?

The Final Straw

OK, could this really be the last straw - at least straws made of plastic?

Our guess is many other organisations may follow the lead and therefore it is great news that Macdonalds are banning the use of plastic straws in the UK in September 2018.

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Pilot Whale Killed By Plastic

Pilot Whale Killed By Plastic

Over 80 Plastic Bags Found Inside Pilot Whale

At Eceau we were horrified to read this article about a pilot whale that died in Thailand due to swallowing more than 80 plastic bags.  It was impossible for the mammal to digest any nutritional food and he couldn’t be saved.

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