Billi – Improving Your Office Sustainability

Space, Energy & Time Efficiency In The Office -Why Wouldn't You Give it A Go?

Take a look at Nick Simpson, Managing Director at Eceau, talking about the Billi tap in the workplace and how it can save space, be time efficient and dramatically improve your office sustainability.

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  • 10/09/2018
  • eceau

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Can’ Not

Energy Saved By Recycling One Drinks Can Would Power A TV For 4 Hours

At Eceau we are excited to be teaming up with  ‘Every Can Counts’ and have joined other companies on our business park to drive this green campaign forward.  The aim is to improve the recycling rate of aluminium cans used at the Greenhills Rural Enterprise Centre and to stop cans from being disposed as general waste.

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  • 29/08/2018
  • eceau

Single Use Plastic Ban

Houses of parliament

UK Government Bans Single Use Plastic

I was pleased to read this article outlining how the UK Parliament are making plans to drastically reduce their consumption of single use plastics by 2019.

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Could This Really Be The Last Straw?

could this really be the last straw?

The Final Straw

OK, could this really be the last straw - at least straws made of plastic?

Our guess is many other organisations may follow the lead and therefore it is great news that Macdonalds are banning the use of plastic straws in the UK in September 2018.

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