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Why bottled water is killing the planet

Why Bottled Water Is Killing The Planet It has taken a while but many businesses are now realising that there is an alternative to buying in bottled water for their own premises. The crazy situation of water being transported half way around the world is becoming a thing of the past. Many are opting for an […]

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How To Make Your Own Bottled Water At Home

How To Make Your Own Bottled Water At HomeEver thought about making your own bottled water at home?  Depending where you live and the sensitivity (or otherwise) of your taste buds this could be a very short article! Select a re-usable bottle of your choice, I prefer stainless steel myself. Walk over to the tap, […]

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Milk Is Now Cheaper Than Water

Milk Is Now Cheaper Than Water I was interested to read various newspaper headlines this week “Milk is now cheaper than water”. The point being made is that supermarket price wars has reached staples such as milk, a sort of ‘War Cow’. According to The Grocer Magazine, milk is on average 43p per litre while […]

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