the eceau story...

Eceau (ee-koh) was created in 2009 by its founder, Nick Simpson, who turned his passion for the environment into a something real. With thirty years of business experience behind him, Nick has turned Eceau into a now recognised and established company providing the ultimate in drinking water systems, for many businesses and homes.

the team...

In our office we have a great team of people working together to ensure we provide the best solutions for you. Nick heads up a sales team with Barnaby Foster, Ian Carney & Lisa Ferrari. Jessica Coulson manages Operations; Finance is handled by Laura and our engineering team is led by Glen Stedman with over 30 contractor engineers.

Felix Collier handles Branding, Marketing and Social Media and Adam Collier runs Projects.

Nick Simpson Eceau Managing Director

eceau plus points...

supports the use of natural refrigerant gases

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